Personal Finance Goals – Should I take separate SIPs?

personal finance goals different sips

Should I take separate SIPs for different "personal finance goals"? Many investors are faced with this question regarding investing.  Before answering this question, let us understand how we should plan our investments. Plan your investments as per your risk-taking ability You may have heard of many investors making huge money through Equity investments. But, if you are not aware of Equity … [Continue reading]

Prepayment of Home Loan or Continue the EMI

prepayment of home loan or emi

Prepayment of home loan or continue the EMI is a question everyone faces after buying a home on loan. Is prepayment of home loan a good or a bad option? Whether to prepay in early years or later stage of loan? Rajiv is expecting an incentive of Rs. 5 Lakh in May this year. He started thinking on how to utilise this amount effectively for the benefit of his family. He is thinking of … [Continue reading]

Free Financial Planning advice in India – Online

free financial planning advice india

Financial Planning in India is still in its nascent stage. People are not ready to pay for the advice.Everyone is looking out for free financial planning advice either online or offline, through Facebook groups, Google groups and/or through friends.  Reasons for doing so are numerous which may include: High fee for financial planning Lack of awareness Lack of trust This article … [Continue reading]

Child Education Planning in India- How much to save?

child education planning in india

How much should I save for my child education planning in India? This is a question almost all parents ask themselves because children’s education is an issue of the highest priority in our country. We all want our children to get the best education. With the emergence of more and more study options, many parents are confused on this topic. It is such an emotional issue that nobody wants to … [Continue reading]

How much should I save for my Retirement in India?

retirement india

When should I start planning for my Retirement? How much should I save for my Retirement in India? Can I Retire early? Can I maintain the standard of living after Retirement?  These are the questions in the minds of many like you and me. Why we are so much worried about our Retirement in India? The reason is simple – we don’t have a social security system for the old age. So, it is a must for … [Continue reading]

How to invest in Direct Plan of Mutual Funds without visiting CAMS or Karvy?

invest in direct plan of mutual funds

Can I invest in direct plan of mutual funds,in India, without visiting CAMS or Karvy? The answer is Yes, if you are an existing investor. No, if you are a new investor. After the introduction of Direct Plans in Mutual Funds from 1st January, 2013, lots of investors are trying many options to convert their existing investments to Direct Plans. In fact, many new investors are keen to … [Continue reading]

Debt Funds Vs Fixed Deposits(FD) in India

Debt Funds Vs Fixed Deposits taxation

What are debt funds? Are debt funds better than fixed deposits in India? Are debt funds taxable or tax free? Are debt funds a good or safe investment? There was a change in taxation in the last Budget which has made Debt Funds less attractive for Short Terms. Still Debt Funds are better than Fixed Deposits in many ways.  Please read on to know how Debt Funds are better than Fixed … [Continue reading]

Is it the Right Time to Invest in the Equity Market?

right time to invest in the Equity market

This question is asked by many – especially those who were left out without investing in the market and sitting on the fence expecting some corrections. The bull run of around 35-40% in the last year is attracting many to the Indian Stock market. But before entering the market, please ask yourself, whether it is the right time to invest in the Equity market. If your financial goal is just … [Continue reading]

Why Oil Prices are Falling in India?

Why Oil Prices are falling in India

Why oil prices are falling in India? What is the impact of declining oil price on you? Is there any chance of oil price going down further? As you are aware, the price of any commodity is decided based on the demand-supply situation. In the past decade, there were lots of geo-political issues in the leading oil producing countries like Iraq. This has resulted in the reduced oil production by … [Continue reading]

Annualised Return, CAGR, IRR & XIRR in Personal Finance

Annualised Return, CAGR, IRR & XIRR in Personal Finance

What is the difference between Annualised Return, CAGR, IRR & XIRR in personal finance? Why these calculations are important? Why mutual fund websites highlight their CAGR performance? But the most important question would be, what is the use of these terms in Personal Finance? I am sure that if I do not provide this in the beginning itself, my readers would not read this article … [Continue reading]