LIC Policy Status by Policy Number-Check Online

LIC policy status by policy number – How can I get it? Can I check it Online or by SMS? Is it possible to check LIC policy status without registration?

You can now check LIC Policy Status by Policy Number sitting in your drawing room and it is free. There is no need to go to LIC office and stand in Long queue.

There are 3 ways in which you can check your LIC policy status by Policy Number and get a Report –

  • Online
  • Helpline Number
  • SMS

LIC Policy Status by Policy Number- Login to Check it Online

LIC Policy Status by Policy Number

LIC Policy Status without Registration- Helpline Numbers

You can dial 1251 to check LIC policy status by policy number. This 24* 7 facility is available only in selected cities. You can dial 1251 if you are using MTNL/BSNL or use your city code before the IVR number to use this facility

You can also check the helpline no for your city in below mentioned link

LIC Policy Status by SMS

You can also check you LIC policy status by sending SMS. The procedure for checking the LIC policy status is as follow: Type


Send To 56767877

Enquiries :-

a) IPP Policy Status, (STAT)

b) Existence Certificate Due, (ECDUE)

c) Last Annuity Released Date, (ANNPD)

d) Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU)

e) Annuity Amount (AMOUNT)

f) Cheque Return Information (CHQRET)

For Individual policy enquiry through SMS, 


Send To 56767877


Premium – Installment premium under policy

Revival – If policy is lapsed, Revival amount payable

Bonus – Amount of Bonus vested

Loan – Amount available as Loan

NOM – Details of Nomination

“Policyholders can make same enquiries over long code 96649 96649″

Please click on below PDF to check the procedure.

This is a very simple and an effective way to check your LIC policy status by policy number  You can also pay your premium, take premium payment receipts online after registration.

LIC Policy Status by Policy Number: Start Here



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  1. Manoranjan Naik says

    Dear Sir/Madam
    How I could find the policy details, the policy which made by my wife’s name.
    please clear it through mailing.

    with regards,

    • Ritz P says

      Hi Manoranjan

      You can approach to nearest LIC Branch or call their call center, if you are not able to track it online.

  2. Sajeev.A says

    My son’s Abhimanyu [L.A] c/o Sajeev.A taken policy from Bangalore. Policy No is 614521343 please send all of our document from Bangalore to Trivandrum

  3. rajendra kumar sharma says

    Dear Sir/Madam

    How could I find policy status currently my policy no.-197832092,
    197187212, 195874538,. Reply me

    Rajendra sharma

  4. John Mathew says


    As I lost my documents and the contact number of your authorised person, I don’t have the policy number to check the status. I had taken the policy through your authorised person based at Thopumpady, Cochin, Kerala. I had made the payment for 4/5 years (quarterly wise) from 2004 onward (not sure). As I was out-of-station, not made the payment for last 5 years. If you can provide me the details, at present I can make all the dues. For your reference, I can give the policy address and my present address alongwith my contact number.

    • Ritz P says

      You may visit the nearest LIC office with any of the premium paid receipts. Or the branch can trace it out from your postal address.

    • Ritz P says

      Please call the call centre number of LIC or register the policy in LIC site and get the details

    • Ritz P says

      Please call the call centre number of LIC or register the policy in LIC site and get the details

  5. bhupender kumar says

    I Want Know My Policy Status Urgently Policy No. 153034167
    And I Want Know about my next premium due date thank you

    • Ritz P says

      Please call the call centre number of LIC or register the policy in LIC site and get the details

  6. chirala venkatarao says

    sir my name is chirala venkatarao, i have 5 lic policys in lic india, i want to see my policy current status how can login please give me sugission view my email address (or)cell no:9849541316 thanking you sir

    • Ritz P says

      You may register the policies, as given in the article. After that you can see the status of all policies.

  7. Arvind Kumar Verma says

    Sir, I am have the three LIC policies (270715887, 952592624 and 952592625). But I am not able to view the latest status of these policies. I have repeatedly requested for the same, but did not got the response from your good office. Can I hope an early reply on the subject. Thanks

  8. mukesh says

    sir tell me last ten yr. Before closed policy but i pay 5 policy today i want my invest money suggest me

  9. Tehal Singh says

    sir my name is Tehal Singh, my 2 lic policys in lic india ,Policy No. 301896014 & 301896789 .Please send my policy current statement /status my email address (or)cell no:9888805117.

  10. shri safi mohammed khajanchi ansari says

    hi, dear sir good moorning how are you, sir i know please my current policy status i hoope you will be done as soon as possible thanking you have my policy 923133365


    Dear sir, my policyno is 635006649 (Money Plus) .I have paid Rs 400000/= (10000 annually ) . Earlier I was at belgaum and presently I am in Chennai .In 2007 LIC agent Mr laxman has told me U have to pay only 03 years . Lic sent me a latter after 2010 u have not paid premium If u will not pay we will deducte from your units or unitfund . NOw i am unable to pay . why agents are giving wrong things about policy .If iwill not pay what they can do . please suggest ? I will do or how i will get my money back or change of address . Thanks .

  12. Ranjan Thakuri says

    sir, my wife have a policy and i want to know the policy details. Policy no is 484527218. Thank you

  13. Dibyendu Mazumder says


    I have different policy in LIC. Now I want to know the status of my every LIC policies. Please assist me.


    Dibyendu Mazumder

  14. kusum mishra says

    sir i have lic policy jeevan tarang, policy no. is 216158408.please show me current status of this policy.

  15. vinod says

    hi sir,
    i have policy in lic market plus, policy no. is 765542341,765542340,765542342,765542632, pls show me the status sir

  16. harish sharma says

    please tell me that my policy No is 2150986667 and another is 125514394 and how to know that latest policy is deposited or not

  17. Rajnish nainakwal says

    sir, my policy no.122551229 I applied for withdrawl 2 months back I couldn’t get satisfactory reply from your esteemed office till date.
    waiting for my payment till date.

  18. Kalyan Kr Das says

    i need all the information about my policy it’s very argent my policy number is 429072045 and i also want to know about my last premium please it’s very argent inform me through mail.

  19. sukhbir says

    I Want Know My Policy Status Urgently Policy No. 213653356
    And I Want Know about my next premium due date thank you –

  20. dr shashi kumar says

    I want to know my money back policy number 250884719, when my policy mature &how much amount I can get after maturity of policy.

  21. Arijit Chakraborty says

    Respected sir,

    I like to know my policy detail with detail(416174795,499831778,437525564,499826568).

  22. Harikrishnan.K.C says

    I registered at LIC coustmer portal with Policy no 777354995 premium2987.00 but this policy not shown in view of enrolled policies.

  23. E. SUBRAMANI says

    Sir, I want to know the present status of my policy.
    Policy no. 616386778
    plan 802 – Endowment plus

  24. Amitava Mandi says

    Sir, my salary saving L.I.C policy No:S414691223 with maturity date on 28/03/2015.A great mistake I’ve committed, few forms L.I.C authority sent me to get those forms duly signed by me.In the forms there was another form as consent form for reinvestment on maturity of policy.But unfortunately and erroneously I’ve signed that consent form also where I’ve no intention to reinvest further as I’m going to retire from service soon.Therefore it’s my humble prayer to you as not to consider my consent for reinvestment.Your sincerely Mr.Amitava Mandi

    • RitzP says

      Hi Amitava

      Since your policy will mature on 28th March, please go to the nearest LIC branch and submit the declaration saying that i do not want to reinvest.

      I am not a authorized person from LIC, so you need to go to nearest branch. Please visit the branch as soon as possible

  25. Mayukh says

    I want to know whether my Policy is assigned with NEFT or not…as i have submitted the NEFT form svereal times, but did not get any confirmation of assigning of NEFT.

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