LIC Premium Receipts Online-Step by Step Process with Images

Online payment is a good option to pay your LIC premium. The tedious part is to get LIC premium receipts online.

Please follow the steps to get LIC premium receipts online. Also, there are  pictures to follow the process.

It would not take more than five minutes to get the premium receipts.

LIC Premium Receipts Online-Step by Step Process

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: Click on New User?Click Here (Below Online Services)

Step 3: Fill in the basic Details(You will get your password in your mailbox)

Step 4: Go to Registered Users

Step 5: Login with User ID and Password

Step 6: Go to Premium Paid Statement

Step 7: Enter Policy Number

LIC Policy Status – Check Online using Policy Number

LIC Premium Receipt Online- Follow Images        

LIC Premium Receipts Online

LIC Premium Receipt Online







Financial Planner in India

LIC Receipt Online







Certified Financial Planner CFP

Financial Planner







You will get the LIC Premium Receipts Online for Current Financial Year.

So now you know, how to get LIC premium receipts online. Take a print out and submit it for 80C Tax deduction.

Please share your problems, if you face any, with our readers. Also please let our readers know, how you resolved the problem

Points to Note:

1. You do not require digital signature verification to get LIC premium receipts online.

2. There is no need of duplicate LIC premium receipt as you can take a print every time you login.

LIC Premium Receipts Online:Start Here

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    Please provide me LIC premium statement for income tax calculation for the F Y 2012-2012 (Police No.540503321)

    • Ritz P says

      Hi Gaurav

      You can follow the process, as mentioned in the above article, to get the receipts for FY 2012-13.

      Please let me know if you are facing any problem.

      • Ankit says

        I am not getting my lic receipt. I didnot able to login with my lic no 113688322. It said its previously configured. Please help.

          • Ritz P says

            Hi Ankit

            Please go to the forgot password option. You will get your password in your registered mail id.

          • Ankit says

            But i didn’t registered before. Someone else done that and he doesn’t remember the userid , so forget password will not work.

          • Ritz P says

            Hi Ankit

            In this case, you either have to contact their call centre or visit the nearest LIC branch to get receipt.

          • Niranjana.K. says

            I am unable to pay my LIC premium of Rs.129/-on line for my Policy no

          • Ritz P says

            Hi Niranjana

            You need to contact your nearest branch. Sometimes you are not able to pay the premium less than your original amount.

  2. Madhu Anneboina says

    It is the useful information. But the thing is how should we get the duplicate receipt ( in case of only policy number is available with us without the information of DOB, Premium details ). Could you please upload that process if any such method. Thank you :)

    • Ritz P says

      Hi Madhu

      You would not be able to get policy premium receipts if you do not have DOB and Premium amount details.

      The best solution in this case is to approach your nearest LIC branch to get the duplicate receipts.

  3. satyanarayana says

    Hi Ritz p,

    Thanks for you information but i tried as per the process it was saying that wrong data entered, i am having 4 policies all where showing the wrong data.please help me out.

    • Ritz P says

      Hi Satyanarayana

      Thanks for your feedback.

      In this case, I would suggest you to check few things

      1. Enter the same premium amount which is mentioned in the policy.
      2. Enter the same DOB which is mentioned in the policy.

      If you still face the same problem of wrong data, please let me know.

    • Ritz P says

      Hi Veda

      I do not think, LIC send you the reminder SMS or emails to pay your renewal premium. So you have to check it online.

  4. Smruti Amberkar says

    Hi, Please guide me, When Im feeding Policy Numer getting message like,
    We are unable to process your request.
    Please try again later or contact LIC for further details.

    My Policy Numer is 883077295

    • Ritz P says

      Hi Smruti

      Just check if premium amount is same as in your policy. Also ensure to fill in your DOB details in the same format as it is mentioned.

  5. Pramila Shetty says

    Hi, Please guide me, When Im feeding Policy Numer getting message like,
    We are unable to process your request.
    Please try again later or contact LIC for further details.
    I entered all the info as per policy, still i am facing problem.

  6. ANUSUYA says

    I am a registered user ,I know my user id & my password but when I enter those details in the log in page ,the page is not opening so what am I suppose to do?

  7. ankit kumar singh says

    pls tell me how to pay the second primium of lic or . i am a new user
    pls pls……………………………….


    I will pay the premium amount on online dated: 13.04.13 (Saturday) but I am not getting my lic receipt. I didnot able to login with my lic no 604015645. It said its previously configured. Please help. Its showing msg ‘Policy is already registered.

  9. Sonam says

    hey ritz,
    can i cross check the receipt details for the premium that i have paid offline i.e. in cash… coz apparently i am not able to..
    is this online receipt thing only for those who pay premium online…?
    if not, is der anyway i cud cross check d details of hard copy of receipt online… ?

    • Ritz P says

      You can go to the option of generating premium paid certificate online. This will give details of payment made both online and offline.

  10. Nicy P says


    I have paid the LIC premium for the current year through agent and had got the receipt, but I have lost it. I would need it to submit to the IT department for tax excemption under 80c.

    Would this premium poid certificate generated online be considered as relevant receipt for availing tax excemption, since I had paid the premium through alternate channel. And I dont have physical receipt since I lost it.

    Could you pls help.

  11. Manoj A B says

    Sir, I have paid premium amount in on line and I got receipt. But problem is my first LIC plan opening amount paid by LIC agent and physical payment receipt also given but I missed that too. it possible to get my first opening instalment receipt form on line. Pls suggest me.

  12. wils says

    Thank you very much for your wonderful answer.I got the premium receipt by following the procedure.Thanks a lot

  13. arun says

    To take print out all the process are done upto statement. If I click ‘print this page’ only blank paper is coming. I checked the printer, it is good. All other prints are working good. Can you give me a solution.

    • RitzP says

      Hi Arun
      Please check if pop ups are allowed. It will show blank page if pop ups are not allowed.

      2nd pls check it in Internet explorer, sometimes google chrome have problems.

      If the problem still persists, pls let me know

  14. Swats says


    I have enrolled my LIC policies online with 2 years back. Before that, I used to pay premium by cash in another city branch. Now I need to get my older(which I paid by cash) policy premium receipts online. Is there any online facility provided, where I can see/reissue/print old receipts with the help of my policy details?

    – Thank you!

    • RitzP says

      Hi Swati

      The entire procedure of getting lic receipt has been explained. After logging in, you can also take the receipts of previous years.

  15. Hema Srinivas says

    Hi there… is there anyway i can get the info about the registered email ID ? I dont know which ID was given when policy was opened.. :( :(

  16. chandresh says

    I am paying jeevan saral 1000 per month by ECS, i registered in LIC website and it is showing no premiums paid during that period. how to get receipts for my ECS payments?

  17. chandrakala says

    Hi All,

    I paid my LIC premium through smartpay HDFC Credit card on 13-mar-2015. I did not receive any acknowledgment from LIC regarding the payment. Still it is showing as due in LIC portal. Please let me know how to get the acknowledgement. How many days it will take to receive the payment receipt.

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